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Unlocking Samsung phones with SamUnlock tool without a box, everyone can unlock themselves !!!

Instructions Unlock Samsung phones with SAMUnlock does not need Box
Previously, if you want to Unlock Samsung phones, you need to have technical knowledge as well as need a box of content software like Z3x, GCPro, … in this article I will guide you to use SAMUnlock tool to unlock Samsung phones much more simply and without the software box.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy J2/J7 By SamUnlock

Unlock Samsung phones with SAMUnlock : SAMUnlock supports creating codes that unlock directly via servers. To unlock you need a Windows computer, a USB cable and of course a Unlocked phone. Install SAMUnlock and Samsung Driver on the computer, then connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable, turn on USB debugging (adb) on the phone, open SAMUnlock on the computer and press the “Read code” button, wait for the tool to finish and pay About Network code, this is unlock code, insert SIM into the phone and enter unlock code is done !!! There is no need for any Software Box and very simple unlock operation.

SAMUnlock- Direct Unlock Samsung Mobile Phone USA: T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, Xfinity | SAMUnlock
SAMUnlock Unlock direct Samsung T-Mobile Phone without Unlock, Unlock Sprint Phone No Root, Keep orignal IMEI, Unlock all Samsung T-Mobile: Unlock Samsung S10, S10 +, S10e, Note9, S9, Samsung S9 +, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 S8 Plus, … SAMUnlock …

Details of Unlocking steps with SAMUnlock:

  • Install Samsung Mobile USB Drivers for the computer ( Download )
  • Make sure the phone is powered on and not installed SIM
  1. Turn on USB debugging (adb):

Open (Settings) Settings> (Device information) About device> (Software information) Software info
Press 7 times to enter the Build number
Go back to (Settings) Settings on the Developer options
Turn on (Troubleshoot Usb) USB debugging
Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. On the dialog box asking for permission, press allow.

  1. Install SAMUnlock tool on the computer ( Download )
  2. Open SAMUnlock, log in account ( Register for a new account )
  3. Press “Unlock” on SAMUnlock

Wait for the code to read, insert SIM to enter Network code on SAMUnlock to unlock !!!


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